New 'Alert' App Notifies Family and Friends When Your Sugar is Out of Control

Technology is truly saving lives, particularly the lives of diabetics. A new app for Healthkit has been launched in Israel that will contact your loved ones for you in case of emergency.

The App

A new App, named 'Alert', is from “HelpAround.” It detects your blood sugar levels, and if levels are outside of a predetermined range it sends a pop-up alert to the contact of your choice.

A free version of the app is available, which sends text messages to your contacts. There's also a premium version for a fee which initiates a conference call automatically.

Diabetic HelpAround customers talked about "hyperglycemia, being confused, having panic attacks," said CEO Yishai Knobel in a statement. "And it was just about the time Apple came out with HealthKit. So we were already completely tuned to ‘What do I do when I’m in trouble?’ and then it became very clear that the best way to remove friction was to suggest to them a way to notify their support system. Instead of just sitting there and waiting for them, if we can already tell that something is going wrong than we can offer it to them.”

Not Finished

HelpAround isn't finished developing this product. “Alert is not a diabetes app,” said Knobel. “Alert can be used by anyone with any chronic condition, and the next logical step is we are listening to more and more sensors, and more and more data is coming into the system.”

Knowing that someone who cares about you will be alerted in your moment of need brings much peace of mind for people with serious illnesses.

Photo: CXO Today