What Happens When You Can't Afford to Have Diabetes?

The cost of health care has by no means been resolved, especially when you are struggling with a disease like diabetes. To keep your condition well managed, there are a lot of absolutely necessary medical supplies.

But what do you do if you can't afford insurance or copayments?

Look for Programs to Help

Some clinics, medical suppliers and government programs offer assistance to low-income diabetics, with or without insurance. Don't leave any stone unturned-- if there is help available for your situation, find it and make use of it.

Shop Around

A lot of diabetes supplies can vary in price from pharmacy to pharmacy. Some online services sell things cheaper in bulk. Make a few phone calls or do a few web searches to make sure you're getting the best bargain. Also, don't be afraid to ask for generic brand comparisons.

Consider Upgrading Your Insurance

Sure, better insurance means higher premiums, but it may also mean more tax breaks, lower deductibles and lower copayments. Get out the pen and paper and do the math—you might be surprised that you can save money by springing for a better plan.

Switch to Human Insulin

If you're paying a lot for insulin, talk to your doctor about switching to human insulins. Doctors almost automatically put people on analog insulins these days, but human insulins can be much cheaper and just as effective.

Eat Right and Exercise

If you're a type 2 diabetic, one of the best ways to keep your medical costs down is to keep your diabetes under control. This will reduce your need for medication, insulin, complications, and might even reverse diabetes.

Photo: Diabetomics