How to Get Your Daily Dose of Veggies

Are you getting in your five servings of vegetables every day? Maybe you're not a huge veggie lover? It's okay-- there are ways to slip those vegetables in so you don't come up short.


Make veggies your toppings of choice. Get veggies on your pizza, such as bell peppers, mushrooms and broccoli. Top your pasta with some roasted vegetables, such as carrots, brussels sprouts and asparagus. Put raw veggies, such as tomato, spinach leaves and onion slices, on top of your sandwiches or in your wraps.

It won't change your favorite meals much-- except to add a nice crunch, and a nutritional boost.

One-Pot Meals

Soups and stews offer a hearty meal, and they're a great opportunity to load up the vegetables. Keep bags of your favorite frozen vegetable blends in the freezer. When you put on a pot of soup or stew, simply throw the contents of a bag into the mix with your meat, broth and sauces. The flavors will blend for a hearty and healthy meal.

Juice or Blend Them

If you don't like eating your vegetables, try drinking your vegetables. Throw them in a juicer, or into a blender to make a smoothie. If you need a bit of sweetness, add some fruit to the mix, or some stevia extract.

Now you have no more excuses— so get those veggies into your diet today!

Photo: Modvive