How To Cut The Salt Without Noticing

Salt brings a lot of flavor to the table, and a little salt is even good for us. But most of us eat way more than we need. Often the problem is hidden salts in every-day foods. Here are some tips to cut your salt intake, without making your food too bland.

Rinse Canned Goods

Sodium is usually high in canned foods because it's a preservative. Whenever you pop open a can-- be it tuna, beans or vegetables-- give it a quick rinse.

Switch to Unprocessed Meats

Processed foods are notoriously loaded with salt. Instead of getting processed lunch meats or pre-cooked meats, grab some fresh meats and cook it yourself. It's better to bake and slice up a home-cooked turkey breast or piece of steak for a nice sandwich than it is to get it from the deli counter.

Twice the Spice

When you cut the salt in your cooking, wake up the flavor in your foods with other spices. Garlic, pepper, onion, cumin, curry, oregano, rosemary-- there are so many great flavors to put on your foods so that you'll never notice you've decreased the salt.

Photo: Kevin MD