Diabetes Living is Easier with the Right Apps

It's the age of technology-- put away the pen, the notebooks, the little booklets that help you calculate your calorie and carb intake. You can keep your diabetes in check with the right apps.

Slate Scale

This app turns your smartphone into a portable smart scale. Just place your food onto your phone and push a few buttons, and the scale will give you the entire nutritional profile for the food.

BG Monitor Diabetes

Want an easy way to keep track of your blood glucose levels and insulin? This free app will help you do just that so your logs are literally at your fingertips. Another great feature enables you to keep a photo food log-- no more stopping to write your food and portion sizes down, just snap a photo!

Diabetic Connect

Support can be a tremendous help when you're trying to live with diabetes, and this app makes it easy to keep in contact with other diabetics whenever you want. In addition to social networking pages, the app also provides you with a health log and easy diabetic-friendly menus.

With technology, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get your diabetes well under control.

Photo: Hansgrohe-Int